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Welcome to ‘The Blog’ – a space dedicated to sharing holistic advice, personalised skincare tips and exciting news from our side. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn more about our incredible team and friends of the brand and what they have to say.

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Skin Creamery is guided by the spirit of simplicity, beauty and elegance in everything we do. We are committed to ethical business and helping conscious consumers live more gently on the planet. We keep our foundations 100% natural, do not test on animals or use animal derivatives and we make every effort to reduce plastic use. Our priority is to deliver quality skincare that nourishes, balances and restores your skin to its natural health.

For our first blog we asked the team what brings them peace when times get hard.

How do you get through uncertain times?


Hannah Rubin (Founder)

The sea air always helps me. A long walk on the beach is what helps me to relax my mind and find peace in difficult times. Yoga also helps me to move and breathe through the discomfort of uncertainty. A hot cup of tea is also high up on my list to soothe the soul 🙂

Daniala Santos de Canha Melman (Chief Operating Officer)

In difficult times I turn to my husband. He is the most level headed compassionate human being I know. At the end of each day, we spend time chatting/ decompressing while cooking and if I need an escape we head off to the beach. The water is very calming for me and being away from technology helps me centre myself and gather my thoughts. I think family and partners are so important in difficult times.

Kayleigh van der Heever (Logistics Manager)

1) I comfort myself with a grilled cheese sarmie, and any movie I loved as a teen! The world is brighter with a full belly, and…cheese…need I say more!

2) I practice daily gratitude. I have a jar and a bowl of old coins at my front door. As I walk by I toss a coin into the jar and express thanks, in the quiet of my mind, for something in my life. This reminds me to seek out joy in every situation.

Mediatrice Kwizera (Logistics Assistant)

I like to read positive quotes that uplift me and I pray and read the bible. I also talk to someone who understands and can comfort me.



Andrea Timotheus (Regional Account manager)

It depends on the situation, if it’s an issue I am dealing with for the first time I might panic. Because I am an overthinker and suffer from anxiety, I always remind myself to breathe. I try to remain calm and focused (as difficult as it may be) and deal with the problems I can control, and try to let go of what I can’t. I have also learned that it is okay to ask for help, you don’t always have to be a wonder woman and have everything figured out.

Rebecca de Blanche(Area Manager)

Practising gratitude for all the blessings in my life (such as my family, cats, job, home and friends) helps shift my mindset and puts things into perspective. I try focus my energy on what I have control over, such as my own actions and attitude, and accept what is out of my control. This helps minimise anxiety and equips me to face challenges with a logical and productive approach. That glass of wine or piece of chocolate (or both) at the end of the day is also a life saver!



Sanchia Varley (Community & Digital Marketing Manager)

Learning to know the difference between what I can control and what I can’t has been life changing. Connecting with friends and family. Gratitude. Keeping present and accepting how I feel rather than fighting it and feeling worse! Getting into bed early with a book. And listening to inspiring podcasts is a huge help because you learn that we all go through the same things.


Noxolo Msezeni (Office Assistant)

I prefer being at home with my family. I like to get physical when I’m stressed and can turn my whole house upside down organising and doing housework. Playing with my kids and dogs takes my mind off things too (my dogs are like therapy) Cooking and baking really calm me!

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