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You’re over fast fashion. You love a farmer’s market. Your undies are all made from sustainably grown cotton… Ready to be just as discerning about your skincare? Then please allow us to slide into your brain’s DMs with a suggestion: switch to Slow Beauty.


It’s simple
One of the tenets of Slow Beauty is to use fewer – but better – products, which cuts down on waste while also saving you money and time.

It’s stripped back
Skincare is not an arms race, you guys. We’re done throwing an arsenal of overly complicated products at our faces in an attempt to ‘target’, ‘banish’ and ‘combat’ surface-level imperfections. Slow Beauty presents a simpler approach, prioritising clean, natural ingredients that allow your natural beauty to shine through.

It’s ethical

Just like Slow Fashion, Slow Beauty is about investing in products that have been carefully crafted using sustainable methods and sensitively sourced ingredients. Goodbye mass production and mindless consumerism. Hello ethical skincare that’s as good for the planet as it is for you.

It puts self-care at the centre
Shel Pink, the founder of the Slow Beauty movement, says she was initially inspired by ‘clean beauty, spa culture and the art of self-care’. In other words, it’s skincare that is rooted in calming rituals, as well as results.

It’s a return to the joy of beauty
If lockdown taught us anything, it was to focus on essentials while elevating the everyday – two things that Slow Beauty has been urging all along. It’s about taking a step back from what has become a disturbingly fast-paced beauty world in order to relax and actually enjoy your favourite products.


1. Identify your (real) needs
Ever spent an hour on skincare YouTube? You probably clicked away feeling like you need to introduce 23 new products into your routine to combat a litany of skin issues that you didn’t even know you had.

Slow down. Think about what your actual needs are. Not your best mate’s, not some influencer’s – yours. Now craft your skincare routine to service those needs. You officially have our permission to leave the rest behind.

2. Cultivate your own rituals
Maybe you love a nightly bath with a scented candle, or maybe you’re more into listening to Slayer while you apply sunscreen in the morning. We don’t judge. Build the routine that’s restorative for you, whatever it looks (or sounds) like.

3. Go beyond the ingredients
Knowing what’s inside your products is a great first step, but practise taking it further. Where is the manufacturer sourcing their ingredients? Do they (or their suppliers) test on animals? What is the packaging made from? Is it recycled/recyclable? Interrogate your beauty the way you interrogate your produce.

4. Seek out products that do double-duty
Versatility is an important part of the Slow Beauty ‘do more with less’ ethos. That’s why our Everyday Cream, for example, is light enough to be used as a facial moisturiser but rich enough so that you can enjoy it as a body lotion, too.

Psst! If you love a multifunctional product as much as we do, keep an eye on our social platforms for a big announcement next week. We’ve been hard at work on a new addition to the Skin Creamery line-up…

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